Thursday, September 30, 2010

All the Squinkies in the World

I decided to create the complete Squinkies List. It will include a description of all Squinkies toys in the world. Wow it's gonna be huge, because there are more then hundred different characters to describe, but it's not a problem for the real fans of Squinkies like me. The main characters of Squinkies world are kitties, puppies, babies and friends. The majority of toys consists from cats and dogs, next are babies and human figures, next ponies. All this characters are pets of girls and boys, but there are also animals like Squinkies elephant, monkey, frog, pig, bird, bee, bug, tiger, dolphin, fish, mouse and so on. Very soon we will find out all characters and describe them one by one. It's really going to be very large post and I'm going to work on it step by step, so if you don't find some of Squinkies toys on my list, don't panic, I just didn't add them yet. You can help me with my list, use comments to share your opinion and tell me if I miss something or make a mistake. Thank you all and let's get start.

First 20 Squinkies Toys: 001 - 020

Squinkies toys 01-20 Image

    Squinkies #001 - #020
  1. pink kitten with yellow clew

  2. yellow kitten with pink crown

  3. blue kitten sitting on yellow pillow

  4. gray kitten with yellow bow

  5. white with pink poodle

  6. white with gray cheeks dog

  7. purple dog with yellow face

  8. pink pony with yellow cowboy hat

  9. blond baby boy with green rattle

  10. brunet baby boy with yellow pacifier

  11. brunet baby girl wearing purple toddler with yellow duck

  12. white rabbit with orange carrot

  13. blond girl in pink dress with doll

  14. yellow elephant

  15. green monkey

  16. pink frog

  17. blond girl in blue skirt

  18. brunet cheerleader girl in pink outfit

  19. girl in red raincoat and with blue umbrella

  20. yellow kitten sitting on green pillow

Next twenty Squinkies toys 021 – 040

These first 20 Squinkies characters, as you can see most of them are dogs and cats, and only one elephant, frog, monkey and bunny.

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