Monday, October 4, 2010

Squinkies Toys List – Part 4 ( 061 – 080 )

It's time to continue our List of all Squinkies Toys in the world. Next 20 characters are very adorable like previously 60. This pack of twenty Squinkies includes lots of animals and pets, but there are also 7 human figures. I just want to add that if you know all action figures therefore you now which one you need to complete your collection. Even if you are not planning to collect all of them, and just want to get toys of moon club or butterfly club or heart club, you still will find my list of Squinkies very useful, because it includes description, pictures, numbers and clubs which toys are belong to. Everything you need in one place, I think it's very useful information and it helps you organize your collection easy and fast. So let me introduce to you new 20 Squinkies.

Squinkies Toys List Part 4Image

    Squinkies #061 - #080
  1. dark gray dog with light gray face (star)

  2. light green turtle with pink shell (butterfly)

  3. bright yellow bunny with orange carrot (flower)

  4. pink elephant with purple cape (diamond)

  5. pink dog with yellow bow (sun)

  6. blue poodle with yellow face and paws (moon)

  7. yellow dog with white eye-brows and whiskers (butterfly)

  8. pink pony with white mane and tail (butterfly)

  9. baby boy with pink car toy (diamond)

  10. baby boy with baby bottle in pink toddler (heart)

  11. baby girl in green toddler with blue bow (sun)

  12. brunet little girl in blue dress with pink doll (star)

  13. little girl in red outfit and yellow boots (butterfly)

  14. red-haired girl in green skirt and yellow shoes (sun)

  15. brunet girl in green rain coat with umbrella (crown)

  16. green turtle with dark green shell (sun)

  17. pink kitten on blue pillow (moon)

  18. blue-green pig (heart)

  19. blue monkey (crown)

  20. blue frog with green bow (sun)

Previous twenty Squinkies toys 041 – 060

Next twenty Squinkies toys 081 – 100

Yahoo 80 Squinkies characters animals and human figures, it's pretty huge number right now, but I'm looking forward to tell you more, because there are still lots of new toys to collect.

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